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Mission and Vision

LTC Resource Network was created to provide Long Term Care professionals with quick access to tools, resources and regulations by topic as needed to perform every day tasks in the ever changing healthcare landscape.  While most of the information is focused on Health Information Management there is overlap with multiple departments including:  Nursing, Therapy, Billing, Social Services, Case Management and MDS.  Resident health information is created, used and reviewed by: all members of the treatment team inside and outside long term care facilities, payors, and many regulatory review entities. 

Health Information Management core values and tenants include: 

  • Ensure accurate and timely documentation by all treatment providers as needed to comply with accepted documentation standards
  • Precise and correct coding of diagnoses using the ICD coding classification to produce accurate and valid claims
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of all health information and physical security of medical records while providing or allowing access to those who need the information for treatment of the resident whether in paper or electronic format
  • When necessary, obtaining valid authorizations by those who are by law allowed to provide the authorization to release medical information as needed to comply with requests for information
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration as needed to support the integrity of the resident's health information, and
  • Compliance with all state and federal rules and regulations.

Many states require a Health Information Management Consultant with a "Registered Health Information Technician" (RHIT) or "Registered Health Information Administrator" (RHIA) to provide oversight if the facility does not have a credentialed staff member.  The number of credentialed staff members and consultants is limited and not able to keep pace with the demand.  To that end, this web-site was created to assist LTC communities, with or without a consultant, by providing best practice tools and resources needed for accurate, timely daily tasks in nursing facilities.  






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